Designer, Photographer, Marketing Strategist
Creative Leader

Who am I?

A multi-faceted, award winning senior level graphic designer with a diverse portfolio, who is able to think conceptually and passionately about design. From concept through implementation, and excelling in Print, Web and Environmental design, I am able to manage projects large and small. I've lead teams of designers to create top notch promotions, while keeping an eye on the big picture and getting the job done in the most effective way possible.

As well as graphic design, I also bring a varied skill set such as photography, html and CSS coding, welding, set design and construction, and much more. Quick to learn and master new skills, while staying current with the latest design trends, I find mastering all the newest technologies to be an exciting challenge.

What are people saying?

Whitney Grimmett Operations and Project Manager at Motorfist, LLC

"I have hired Robin Haldane on multiple occasions. His work ethic, attention to detail, design, UI/UX, photography, and coding have all been utilized and proven in the projects hired for. I wish we could employ him full time, because he would be a tremendous asset to any team. He has a very diverse skill set. Our expectations have been exceeded every time we have worked together. His role tends to expand with us after each project when we uncover a new skill, or his recommendations lead us to new marketing initiatives we hadn’t yet considered. I would recommend Robin without hesitation."

Riley Kurtz Senior Marketing Manager Lifetech Resources

"Upon hiring Robin, it was evident that he was a very talented graphic designer. His portfolio was not, in the least bit, fluffed up or falsified. Robin was able to turn around our failing brand image by creating, writing, and designing a company-wide style guide that was implemented within the first month of his employment. He held the company to his vision, and soon, we found ourselves reaching new heights, previously thought of as unattainable in terms of our marketing reach. Robin was able to take a boring cosmetic manufacturing company and make it attractive through intricate design work that he was able to produce in an almost inhuman pace. His design work is better than most designs that I have seen, and, as his manager, I knew that I could count on Robin to not only meet the deadline set with something that was satisfactory, but with work that went above and beyond what was required of him.

I have personally spent many hours getting to know Robin, both during regular work hours, and during our late nights with the team finishing projects. Robin, in my opinion, is one of the most loyal, hard-working, down-to-earth individuals a company could hire. I never heard him complain about having to stay late or put in extra time to finish last-minute projects handed to the marketing team. His calm temperament and character made him an absolute pleasure to work with and ultimately, made it possible for us to accomplish so much as a marketing team at Northwest Cosmetic Labs."

Barrett Wilcox Director of Human Resources at Northwest Cosmetic Labs

"Robin is one of the most talented graphic designers I have ever worked with. We spent months looking for the right mix of creativity and ability to produce high quality work at a fast pace, and we finally found that person in Robin. Aside from his artistic abilities he is a great mentor, and was willing to work with graphic artists that didn't have near the experience that he has."

Greg Johnson Startup Advisor | E-commerce Consultant

"Robin is a very well-rounded designer and a pleasure to work with. While we did not work together directly, he made our tasks much easier by having a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of usability design and CSS. Getting mockups from a designer who knows the technology you're working with is a major time-saver and I always appreciated it."


Adobe Creative Suite is the cornerstone of any graphic designers arsenal. Containing the actual tools we use to create.

Photography enhances designs of all types, from ad campaigns to presentations. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Art Direction skills enable me to communicate effectively to ensure a vision is executed effectively.

Marketing analysis and planning are important aspects of any project you start.